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2014      OCATContemporary Art terminal Shanghai, AVIFF “Art Film Festival, 11-16 November , Shanghai, China


2014     Cinema at the Edge Independent Film Festival “Wasp Waist” July 10-13, Edgemar Center for the Arts, Santa Monica, California, USA


A major festival for independent film. The cinema at the edge in Santa Monica, CA is one of the “Top 10 destination film festivals in the world,” It screens over 60 films, mostly by new filmmakers and rising stars. 

2014    Karen  Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne, component of .”MagdaMatwiejew I Moonlight and Wax” is “ WASP  WAIST”16 July -7 August.

2014     SoCal Creative & Innovative Film Festival.”Wasp Waist” June 10/13, Pasadena, California,USA

2014     AVIF, Art Film Festival, Cannes, 2014  MAY 15- 21. France

The "AVIFF-Art Film Festival" Cannes has since become one of the preferred places of promoting contemporary art in the field of video art film associated with a changing art market.

Artists such as Tracey Moffatt, Motomichi Nakamura, Rouzbeh Rashidi, Pacôme Thiellement  & Thomas Bertay, André Senra, the Villemin brothers, Osorio Suarez, David Kagan, Majid Ma'soomi Rad, Shahar Marcus, Pascale Lafay, Lerato Shadi, Christy Walsh and recently Cayetana Vidal, David Law, Juan Carlos Zaldivar, Mahmood Nouraie , Simon Poole Andersson, Ines von Bonhorst, Hiresh Kheirabadi, Thomas Dorman § Ronnie Belcher...........have presented their art-video films in the AVIFF official selection at Cannes since 2011.


2014     Shire International Short Film Festival, March 26 , Sydney, Australia

2013 WOMEN MEDIA ARTS AND FILM FESTIVAL , curated by Maryam Kassaie & Vahid Vahed~ WASP WAIST , December 21-29, Sydney, Australia

This event is an Audience Development strategy to attract specific and mainstream audiences to appreciate the art of moving images and media arts by women. The festival has already developed a series of partnerships with national and international women film festivals to undertake exchange and curatorial initiatives for further promotions.

WOMEN Media Arts and Film Festival is the first event of its kind in Australia presenting both traditional format (film) and contemporary format (media arts) in one event. 


2013     MashRome Film Fest, Rome , Italy 8-11 May

Celebrating Art Experiences in the Remix Era is the concept of MAshRome and it realizes it by MAshRome Film Fest, the first festival in Italy dedicated to Mash Up and Remix.

The Co-founder are Alessandra Lo Russo and Mariangela Matarozzo with a long experience in the organization of cinematic and cultural events. 

2013    Portland Oregon Womens Film Festival. Portland. Oregon. USA. 6-9 March


We feature the work of today’s top women directors, honoring the true pioneers while providing support and recognition for the next generation of leading women filmmakers.

2012   ALTER-NATIVE Internatinal Film Festival. Targu-Mures. Transylvania. Romania.

6 to 10th September

2012   Flatland International Film Festival, Lubok , Texas . USA Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts. 18/20 October

Film has been a very important part of the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts since its inception. Starting with independent film screenings, building into filmmaking workshops, an artist residency, and then with the birth of the Flatland Film Festival, we have seen a program begin to develop and grow. Cinematic Art is a part of our everyday life and stories told through this medium can impact society and humanity as a whole.

SBS-TV have purchased exclusive Australian television rights to “Wasp Waist’’ for 3 years. To be screened  6 times in “SOS” on SBS ONE and SBS TWO

2012   St Kilda Film Festival , Melbourne . Australia . 22 to 27 May

2011   INVIDEO  by AIACE , Milan . Italy. 16 to 20  November. 

2012     FDVLAB, OpenLabs “The Contempory Day” AIACE, “Looks Of Women From The World”  From Invideo   Archives . “Wasp Waist’’ October 6 . Milan Italy. 

Shifting Distances” (16-20 November), festival of “video and cinema beyond”, directed by Sandra Lischi and Romano Fattorossi.


2011   Videoholica International Video Art Festival  , Varna . Bulgaria. 5-12 August

VIDEOHOLICA festival is designed as video art forum with international participation to present to the audience of Varna a remarkable and highly valuable programme of video art works. 
In parallel with the video art screenings of VIDEOHOLICA, the events of the festival include exhibitions, discussions and workshops concerning video and contemporary art topics lead by established local and international art professionals followed by a reception with invited video artist. 
The festival events take place in traditional gallery and museum spaces and also in nontraditional outdoor / public spaces in Varna, virgin for contemporary art environment, or where it is less known.
VIDEOHOLICA festival presents art works by well-known artists as well as renders opportunity to young artists, who are working in the field of contemporary art and are pursuing innovative practices in a professional manner, to manifest their works distinguished for their original creative language.

NVIDEO- International Exhibition of Video Art and Cinema Beyond -, organized since 1990 by A.I.A.C.E. in Milan, represents a reference point for non fictional video in Italyand has established itself as an international benchmark for the full range of audiovisual production connected to electronic art and new technologies.

From the outset, the aim has been to create in Milan a permanent archive of non-fiction art from around the world - video art, research and experimental film and video, documentaries, music, theatre and dance video, portraits of artists, etc.

During the year, the works which have been acquired since 1990 can be viewed where they are stored, at the Fabbrica del Vapore. The collection is available for consultation by the public, in particular by students, researchers, cultural organizations and associations.

Magda Matwiejew

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