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Production Credits



 CREDITS FOR  "Taille de guêpe"    (Wasp Waist)


  Director                                           Magda Matwiejew

  Producer                                          Magda Matwiejew

  Animation                                        Magda Matwiejew

  Music                                               Stock music provided by [vburn , Trans_OM, DiMusic] /

                                                                982101         Passionate Piano (Full Track)  DiMusic

                                                                667616         VB Intro - Violins    vburn     

                                                               7157571       Monmartre Recalls Trans_OM


   Poem created and read by               Valerie Benoist

   Woman                                            Sheree Mathews

   Sound Mix                                       Paul Fletcher

   Editing                                             Magda Matwiejew  

   Camera                                             Magda Matwiejew


Magda Matwiejew

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