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Production  Credits


   Director                                            Magda Matwiejew

   Producer                                           Magda Matwiejew

   Special effects                                  Magda Matwiejew

   Animation                                        Magda Matwiejew

   Original Music                                 Paul Fletcher

   Sound Design                                   Paul Fletcher

   Editing                                              Magda Matwiejew and Digital Compost  


   Woman (my mother)                        Valerie Benoist 

   Music Supervisor                             Nick Black

   “ LOVE IS”

  Written & Performed by Dotti Holmberg

   Published by Apple Core Publishing


   Nightinggale Recording                   Reinsamba  www.freesound.or



  The Poem


  Tallest, most elegant of us, why does memory

  Insist you swim up from the years, pass

  Swaying down a train, searching for me,

  Transparent profile through the carriage-glass?

  Were you angel or bird?-how we argued it!


  from the poem “Shade”1940  by Anna Akhmatova





  Written by Dotti Holmberg


  Verse 1: 

  Love is strange, love remains

  Passes on from age to age

  Holds its spell, it will never change

  Love is strange, love is strange


  Verse 2:

  Love finds you

  Love finds two

  Holds its beauty as the sky is blue

  Gathers tears as the morning dew

  Love finds you, love finds you



  Love is kindness

  Love is mine no less

  Love is timeless

  Love is, Love is


  Verse 3:

  Love is one

  Togetherness spun

  As the weaver who weaves and never is done

  As four seasons make a year, evolved by the sun

  Love is one, love is one


  Repeat Bridge & 1st Verse


                    2002 Apple Core Publishing







Magda Matwiejew

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